♫♪  The Pluto Moons - Mannequin Legs

Making pop music is something to be made very daringly. Like, like, look at Gaga, Ke$ha even, MNDA’s adverts, Daft Punk featuring Giorgio Moroder, anything Ween ever did, ever. So, I’m feeling that vibe with The Pluto Moons’ Mannequin Legs. Honestly, without all the verbiage below describing the band or the Bandamp’s picture on picture on picture visuals, I imagined just a pair of pantied Mannequin Legs dancing to everything and at the right speed: all entertainment. Controlled and within themselves. Completely conscious of their variety in step and sequence. Right down to the toe, actually. Tipping them legs, shaping the foot arches up to the curves of their calves, and so on. More-so, as if The Pluto Moons were watching these legs lead them in song and groove.

So, here is The Pluto Moons being daring: taking structure and genre and sound, cutting it at the waist, and dancing tracks out with their own patience and humor. Maybe at times a little too far away from where they are trying to take the listener, but sustained by sonic and melodic intrigue. The mystery of “Why?” however is maybe most tossed off. I get that there is mystery here and enjoy their ability to switch up their sound while remaining consistent in pop focused on skill. Shit, it’s even daring in lyrics with the song “BlkPPLSellingWhtPPL#Food,” leaving listeners a little curious of musician intention, but playfully. Yet, I don’t want to know “Why?” As much as I want to, it’s hard for me to pinpoint “Why do I want to know more about this album?” My final conclusion: Listen to Mannequin Legs by The Pluto Moons a dozen more times today for answers. It’ll be a fucking PARTY!! Also, CDs are available through their Bandcamp, which were exclusively sold on tour before. Get ‘em while they’re burning!

• The Pluto Moons: http://theplutomoons.bandcamp.com

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