The Trying
“Ghostly Manipulator, Stillborn Marionette”

Get that attic dance party pumpin’. Everyone is invited ‘cause there’s always a flow to fuck with, right? Crazy bounce-out transitions into a variety of genres storming your party-going, beer-can-crush diet. Either you’re grinding to that heavy electronic neon-lit shadow dance, cast upon the insulation stapled to the wall, raging on a breakdown, metal bent and booze raining on a crowd of fists pumping, or freaking to a trailed beat-bit popped-out sermon: this is out there. People are right now ‘bout to light the roof off an abandoned farmhouse, dance in flame, and worshiparty into the night. It’s not about the fear or the freedom, but about feeling it all. Conveniently, it’s raining, and soot, blood, beer, and Earth wash off you, as sparks ignite from musical equipment surging. “Look out!” is yelled as you’re still dancing, and the explosion that just set off has hurled a 4x4 truck your way and… “I’d be better off without me” continues into reality.

“Ghostly Manipulator, Stillborn Marionette” is off The Trying’s Suicide Pact demo, found digitally below. But for a party like that, you gotta keep looking (or contact The Trying through his Bandcamp page below — hi)!

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