♫♪  The Underachievers - Indigoism

It’d be easy to dismiss The Underachievers as just another group of 90s hip-hop revivalists. It’d also be incredibly stupid and short-sighted. At 21 and 22, AK and Issa Dash are clearly mature beyond their years, and while they have no reservations about acknowledging the influence of those who came before them, their psychedelic-fueled spiritualism and overall eclecticism places them pretty far outside the realm of their forebearers, as well as that of their Pro-Era peers.

Still, what’s most appealing about this duo is not their weirdness or intelligence; it’s their natural chemistry. The two MCs trade bars with such grace that it’s easy to stop paying attention to who’s saying what and when. Their complementary flows are the mark of seasoned vets and could very well signal great things to come.

• The Underachievers: http://www.elevatednations.com
• Brainfeeder: http://www.brainfeedersite.com

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