♫♪  The Use - RE-FUSED

Libertas Decembri: the Golden Age, “vivid like graffiti,” eleven times over, a chair shy at supper — early eleven days of Christmas with the family, shy a partridge.

“I’m the fourth dimensional deep space phenomenon,” lord Black Saturn assures us. Ten lords-a-leaping remix the declaration in rotation. The core is hot; the surface is cool. Post-cracked ice is smudged down the side of a reflective aluminum can spinning on a Lazy Susan in time with the drum doctor as tiny bubbles pop out the top, the sprinkler.

A conspiratorial smooth ride start to finish, this remix compilation is less of a journey than it is a walk on a treadmill, with Disclosure’s virtual reality helmet strapped on head. In its viewfinder, the ring changes shape, but not mood; we don’t mind, not one bit, walking across the slick surface of the maroon plateau. It keeps us in shape, the new equipment; the lasers are on their way, we are told.

• Black Saturn: https://soundcloud.com/blacksaturn
• The Use: http://theusemusic.com
• Alrealon Musique: http://www.alrealon.co.uk

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