♫♪  Tielsie - “Mary Jane”

PC Music affiliate Tielsie spends their summers inside ocean floor volcanic bubbles soaking up minimal UV rays, allowing hot tunes mature before sending them up to the surface to find a way to a bandcamp basin or soundcloud stream. This particular small, narrow river comes nestled up with twenty other low-dwelling producers on the second installment of internet label Point Point’s Filet Mignon series.

Drake fan and proponent of electronic monetary transfers, DJ PAYPAL cut “Mary Jane” into his lofty Boiler Room set with Machine Drum last fall before hopping in hotshot movie dude and future drake co-sign James Cameron’s really expensive submarine and returning it to Tielsie’s bubble pad. The rest of Filet Mignon has its peaks and troughs, but Tielsie definitely shines through the foam. So, until Tielsie makes their way back up to the Epipelagic Zone, soak in the stream below.

• Tielsie: https://soundcloud.com/tielsie
• Point Point: https://soundcloud.com/pointpoint

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