♫♪  TIGA BAKSO - RASUNA [album stream]

One of the only things explained about TIGA BAKSO by Vlek’s website is, “Tiga Bakso grew up in former East Germany, in a concrete cube.” This succinct statement paints a stark visual that reflects his music distinctly. The electronic music that this guy makes is so cold, so empty, so dark, so hard and coarse that it seems like he must still be in that concrete cube, pumping out haunting, architectural beats.

As of right now, you can download TIGA BAKSO’s new record Rasuna for free from SoundCloud, or you can name your price for a digital copy from Vlek on the label’s Bandcamp.

• TIGA BAKSO: http://soundcloud.com/vlek/sets/vlekd11-tiga-bakso-rasuna
• Vlek: http://vlek.tumblr.com/post/28692284812/vlekd11-tiga-bakso-rasuna

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