♫♪  TJ Sicilia - Clarity Stones

You’ve crashed on an asteroid. Now what? Are you going to stand still and gaze out in cold fear while ice chunks stream past your helmeted head? Or are you going to lift those big old moonboots off of the hunk of rock you now inhabit and explore your new surroundings?

Well, I can’t speak for you, but I think TJ Sicilia is the type of person who would be ALL about some asteroid exploration. Look no further than his latest tape, Clarity Stones, released on his own Plastic Response Records. It’s the perfect soundtrack to trek across your new home, dodging debris and viewing the cosmos up close. Somewhat in that same micro-composition realm as Ventla (time frame wise, not sonically), Clarity Stones contains concisely crafted electronic arrangements, each under two minutes in length. There’s moody window-gazing pieces, more rhythm driven cuts, cold, lost-in-space reflectors (duh!), and retro/futuristic synth jammers, each punctuated with an acute brevity. Meaning the tape is highly flippable and deeply returnable. And with artwork by Eyebodega to boot, this is a gripper for sure.

• TJ Sicilia: https://tjsicilia.bandcamp.com
• Plastic Response Records: http://plasticresponserecords.tumblr.com

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