♫♪  Tominaga / AAA - “Graham” / “Weird Alcohol”

Out today (or maybe tomorrow) are two new bangers from the Internet’s newest post-Windows ‘95 sound-label, Squiggle Dot. First up, y’all better shut them Trapper-Keepers and Velcro those kicks, because Tominaga is gonna get you moving with “Graham.” A total piano jam turned lounge, with a sinch of ambiance and strum-style guitar rhythm, “Graham” is the lax y’all can turn to when your leg is shaking, but all you need is a sedative. So keep it sober and blare the newest track off Tominaga’s Echoes of Megaliths. There’s an adventure to be had in every track, so just itch this digital before you can’t scratch no more:

AAA gets a real wobble on with “Weird Alcohol.” Starting from a pensive a piano-keyed beat, an electronic horn melodies in like the lightest bit of watercolors, eventually matched with what I think is a guitar harmony, followed up with a solid baseline that is sure to get y’all truckin. But when they’re all blended together, the “Weird Alcohol” effects are afoot, and AAA just served you up a cocktail of mind melt. If you ever find a way back to bed, it’ll be a dream world of “Weird Alcohol” until, and nobody gonna hold your hand, but AAA’s support:

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