You around? This ain’t me tonight, again. Been on the kick-me-out. Staying tonight on a couch. Bounce around couches. What’s your couch situation? How many drinks does the rent cost?

Since when you been health goth? I been on that pesca-kick. More soylent than green. But protein at a diamond cut sit-up. Stifled royalty. Storage cubes. A virtual reality machine bought off a street mans.

Cyber living of bootleg Gucci. The Yves Saint plaid across all walls. Givenchy daydream in a pope suit protected by three men on hovercrafts. When Versace once made yogurt and you still have three-year-old-expired cups still sealed.

Call me. Call Tommy Hotline. It’s only a daily away. A need to be placed in the mood of loneliness. Let us convince you of being “LONELY.” Do you even have a right to move? Prove it:

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