♫♪  Tommy Metz - “Wasteland”

Timeliness, right? Fuck that shit! Chances been out for a couple of months now, but did someone write about it? No. And would I care if they had? Also: No. Look, Tommy Metz was banging out beats in the Denver electronic underground when my typing fingers were still in their diapers, and here they are now, Choco’ing about how rad this “Wasteland” track is and how… just how happy it makes me. Find a more joyous jump through hyper-space, show it to me, and I’ll shove this one right back down your throat and tell you to get bent.

Tommy Metz is a longtime Bocumast (…label? …collective?) advocate/member/collaborator/artist and sine-wave manipulator in Denver, holding a number of guises — maybe most (in)famously as Iuengliss — and he might just be settling into his birth name here, ear-to-ear smile and all. Seriously, can you see him? What a happy, happy dude. You should only be this happy, always. And you can be… just keep clicking play. Again and again.

• Tommy Metz: http://tommymetz.com
• Bocumast: http://www.bocumast.com

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