♫♪   Touch of Poison - MOAT

MOAT sits stagnant around the foundation. Thick and sludged, MOAT builds an infestation of swamp-like creatures and cretans around and upon their surface. With a Touch of Poison, MOAT wicks flames in seconds, first along the surface and then within the depths. Creatures and cretans become fire-powered. Magic surrounds the scene and everything is encased in heat. You look at it. You go to it. The MOAT a blaze. Eat it! Put your mouth right up to it and eat it. It’s the hottest thing you’ve ever tried to ingest. And it’s powerful. And feels like transitioning. Engulfed in red, orange, blue, white, yellow. Calm.

Stay calm through the MOAT. Take Touch of Poison by the hand as Goaty Tapes takes you by the ear:

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