♫♪  Trap Door & Dreams - “Gravity Break” [Dreams Remix]

Fittingly for his name, Dreams turns Trap Door’s “Gravity Break” into a dreamscape. Combining tangible short sounds with longer, meditative ones creates the feeling of an actual dream, one where tangible elements from your life combine with ones that can’t even fit into your perceived reality. Trap Door, of the London based Gang Fatale collective, makes music that is fitting for both the club or for the bedroom after, and it’s hopeful to see a remix that pulls it more to the bedroom rather than more to the club. Largely this is because of the elimination of the main vocal sample “let’s all break it down” in the original, and the addition of a vocal that’s much more esoteric. And doesn’t this remind you perfectly of Macalania Woods from Final Fantasy X?

Trap Door’s Emerald Dove EP is forthcoming via the French based B.YRSLF Division

• Dreams: https://soundcloud.com/dreamstrax
• Trap Door: https://soundcloud.com/trap_door
• B.YRSLF Division: http://byrslf.tumblr.com

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