♫♪  trashton - blankets

“Yeah, living on your own, being free. It feels great. But living by yourself can be a real drag, too. Still, if you’ve got some really tight friends somewhere nearby, then you know it’ll all work out.” - K.K. Rider

As we grow, the subtle sweetness of everyday fades into normality. It’s an evolutionary trick our brains use to make less overwhelmed so that it can process our surroundings more efficiently. Z Tapes, a label that specializes in twee, bedroom cassettes often occupied by Bandcamp comments along the lines of “<3 reminds me of a winter morning from my childhood <3,” is a comely reminder of the joy of getting off the bus or reading fiction with a flashlight past bedtime.

blankets , the label debut from trashton could be the poster release for the Slovakian label. Tiny melodies on glockenspiels cover up intimate conversations, all under the covers of grainy synth pads. It’s not complicated, not boundary-pushing, just heartfelt, maybe that’s something we need more of.

Grab a cassette copy of blankets on Z Tapes Bandcamp, and pick up a digital copy of the label’s discography for only a euro!

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