♫♪  Traxman - Heat [EP stream]

It’s been a good year for Traxman, which also means it’s been a good year for us. Back in April, Planet Mu released Da Mind of Traxman, an 18-track beast so in command, so refined, so seductive that the album effortlessly footwork’d its way onto our mid-year list of favorite albums. Traxman soon followed the album with Unreleased Trac, a compilation of over 20 equally-great odds and ends, all while making a shit-ton of edifying dance mixes, readying a release for Lit City Trax, and uploading even more unreleased tracks to his many SoundCloud accounts.

But that’s not it from this crazy Ghettoteknitian. Yesterday, the mighty Sewage Tapes released Heat, a new EP that features five more tracks to throw on the Traxman heap. It’s an unexpected but fitting collaboration, and the resulting tracks are, of course, really great. THANK YOU TRAX GOD! Listen here:

• Traxman: http://soundcloud.com/traxman
• Sewage Tapes: http://sewagetapes.bandcamp.com
• Planet Mu: http://www.planet.mu
• Lit City Trax: http://litcitytrax.com

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