♫♪  TRIAD$ - “Energy”

Anything. I mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G that samples “Jumpin Like Jordan” is certifiably mean. Not schoolyard bully mean. Not you’re getting audited mean. MEAN. Get knocked out in the club mean. Migo Lingo mean. Then you put TRIAD$ on command and AH. Ever since I used a FYE gift card on a Kings of Crunk tape for my car ten years ago there are some things I can’t put down and one is music made for a room full of ceiling-high subwoofers. You have to wade through the trash though. There are buckets of bad trap coming out everyday, but TRIAD$ is one guy who consistently puts out thorough productions. His new track is self-aware and called “Energy.”

• TRIAD$: https://soundcloud.com/lilvhs

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