♫♪  True Christians - “Everybody’s Growing Up”

Striking a balance with an upbeat and joyful sound paired with lyrics about the depressing reality of growing up, True Christians’ “Everybody’s Growing Up” emulates in song the experience up growing up and growing older. A juxtaposition of infectious happiness and regretful sadness; joys of new freedoms and new experiences mixed with burdens of responsibility and loss of innocence. The up-tempo melodies of the song, like the days of youth spent gleefully skipping towards adulthood and then—as the lyrics point out— realizing that, oops…not as cool of a time as expected. This isn’t a song just about lamenting the inevitability of growing up though, it concludes with a chorus of “you gotta open up your heart,” a little reminder that everything isn’t as terrible as it seems, and a form of lyrical encouragement to maybe let your guard down a little bit, and perhaps even trade a little bit of harsh realism in for a sweet sprinkling of optimism every now and then.

“Everybody’s Growing Up” comes off True Christians’ album Born From Above, which achieves the same balance of joyfulness and wistfulness throughout, and features a wide array of musical styles, while still managing to have a beautifully cohesive flow, and above all else, a genuinely soulful sense of honesty on every track.

Check out the whole album here.

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