♫♪  TT The Artist and Schwarz - “2 Much Junk In My Trunk (Thong Song)”

“The Thong Song” was released as the second single for Unleash the Dragon Feburary 15, 2000 – Sisqó’s future contribution to the Library of Congress. 15 years later and “The Thong Song” is still THE thong song. There will never be another thong song. Only thing we can do is bow down, honor Sisqó’s prose, and let some cool bands cover it. Like what Baltimore radio station WTMD 89.7 did when they got seven local acts to “re-imagine” Sisqó. TMT favorites Horse Lords and the soft pink truth bring their deconstruction hats, making nearly unrecognizable thong songs which was totally expected from the two. Much like totally expecting a live-as-fuck song when TT The Artist and Schwarz partnered up for “2 Much Junk In My Trunk (Thong Song).” Their contribution is the cover album’s closest breath to the original. Schwarz’s Baltimore club remix slays and TT The Artist is the QUEEN of Bmore booty bangers. Wing Dam, Microkingdom, Thee Lexington Arrows, and The Manly Deeds all contributed to WTMD 89.7’s summer dream baby.

• TT The Artist: https://soundcloud.com/tttheartist
• Schwarz: https://soundcloud.com/schwarz420
• WTMD 89.7: http://www.wtmd.org

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