♫♪  Tyler Brimley - H​-​Bridge

Tyler Brimley says H​-​Bridge is a collection of “[b]eats I made November — December 2016 while on drugs.” Seems plausible. People take drugs. Took some myself a few days ago. Thing is, most people don’t make beats, so he’s a got a leg up on the majority of us there.

Story seems to check out, so let’s get down to the innards of H​-​Bridge. You know the drill. Pitter-patter hi hats, fat kicks, crispy snares — all the makings of a SP-404 beat tape. What makes this particular album stick out from the rest of the pack is Brimley’s ear for infectious samples and his tastefully timed track lengths, neither of which are easy feats. The flow and craftsmanship of this digi-tape clearly comes from years of curation and refinement.

Stream the whole thing below, then ingest large amounts of drugs.

Jk. Be safe.

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