♫♪  U SCO - “Iguana House”

U SCO - Treffpunkt

Buddhist monks are fast to rid the body of toxins and clear the mind. I’m out of bread and eating jelly with a knife, reaching that nutritionless high where you feel airy and lightly tremble. Portland trio U SCO chose pulsating rock over jelly and reach that heavy weightlessness too which is cool.

U SCO is two-thirds math rock crew The Jezebel Spirit The and one-third the guitarist from avant-rock crew With Eyes Abstract. And Treffpunkt — their debut full-length and second offering in three years — takes a solid step up in production umph from 2012’s NEST which, while retaining it’s raw we’re-in-a-basement feel and featuring alto sax, packs less of a punch. It’s lead single ‘Iguana House’ twines styles from both acts, peaking with energy and creating this rad, zen experience where motion is constant and I can’t sit still.

Pre-order Treffpunkt — it’s out September on New Atlantis Records

• U SCO: http://usco.bandcamp.com
• New Atlantis Records: https://www.facebook.com/NewAtlantisRecords

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