“Charlie D”

I’ve gotten a bunch of e-mails in 2012 from a guy in the Netherlands (Eindhoven, to be exact) named Joep van Son who make lots and lots and lots of music both solo and with tons and tons and tons of bands. I get the impression they’re all basically the same thing, but my favorite so far was the incredibly energetic and ballistic self-titled Nikoo album. That came out in 2010, so since it was older and I couldn’t really share it properly here on the Chocolate Grinder (we do have rules, you know), I’ve been biding my time, waiting patiently for the next one that really struck my fancy.

Enter: This new “lo-fi song in a day, once every six weeks” (until…. ___?) series that Joep apparently started, like, 18 weeks ago under his solo moniker [V]. He steps into the studio, right back out, gets his buddy Bas to make a little artwork and BAM! Release for me, and release for you. And this one (like the others) is pretty great — Joep’s biggest strength is his ability to write a terrific chorus, and “Charlie D” is no exception with its super-catchy hook that lasts but just a moment before the verse sinks its pearly whites back into your neck. Acoustic guitar as the backbone, melody does all the work; the track reminds me most of Blur’s “You’re So Great,” but maybe with a bit more bite. It’s over in the blink of an eye, leaving you with the sweet aftertaste of an even sweeter tune.

• [V]: http://waste-no-fun.tumblr.com

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