♫♪  Various Artists: Dream Catalogue - CHAOS

Dream Catalogue is now under “new ownership.” There’s a bunch of things being stated from the “new owners,” including new batches, represses, slews of digital, etc. All physical. First installment we get from the “new owners” is the CHAOS series.

CHAOS 1: Nirvana Is Leaking Into The Mainframe

Similar to The Eternal Dream System, the CHAOS series brings about hoards of new, fictitious, and classic vapour personalties, now embarking upon a new age of electronics. Only now, CHAOS series similarly reflects what HKE has recently been introducing to the vapour world with the 777 series. Keep the quest alive.

CHAOS 2: A Golden Halo Underground

Like a lengthy Tolstoy, CHAOS digs through landscapes of sounds from beat-sourced to ambient, artificially intelligent to circuit reduction, Dream Catalogue — “new owners” or not — remains consistent with the label’s incepted vision. And each track on CHAOS presents a certain REM-like haze, installing visions into the slumbering mind. Never wake up again.

CHAOS 3: The Layers Of Our Dreams Interwoven

So when you find yourself slipping away watching highway bike videos shot by motorcyclists in Hong Kong, drunk on a fine red, reach out to the CHAOS series. There’s a little bit for everyone. A months-long of sounds. Behold the “new face” of Dream Catalogue.

CHAOS 4: We Are Unstoppable

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