♫♪  Various Artists: Hi-Hi-Whoopee - Meili Xueshan I&II

Holy shit, we’re MAD late on writing about this compilation. A few of these fuckers featured here even sent me their tracks before this even came out. And I just slept on it. Mr. P even missed the e-mail. Or maybe it went into my inbox.

In any case, if you’ve been loyal to the TMT brand for the past two weeks, we are proud to present to you, dearest fan: Meili Xueshan I&II. Curated by the excellently named Hi-Hi-Whoopee, Meili Xueshan I&II features pretty much everything I love within the constant perpetuation of music these days. Straight up, just go through the tracklist. If TMT hasn’t covered an act/band/producer/musician/magician/artist on this compilation, chances are we will within the year. So, if you want to get ahead of even OUR game, start scouring the internet for unfamiliar names on this pup, ‘cause you’ll eventually read ‘em here.

I didn’t save seven pages of work yesterday during my nine-to-five, so there’s a few hours ahead of me today I’m TOTALLY not looking forward to participating in. To be honest, I was NEVER “lo0king forward” to doing this work the first time around. However, Hi-Hi-Whoopee’s Meili Xueshan I&II compilation will definitely help me hurdle this heap of an accident. Stream below and wig out:

• Hi-Hi-Whoopee: http://hihiwhoopee.tumblr.com

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