♫♪  Various Artists: Onmyōdō Cassette - Cyclical Return

Our memories have been purchased. And filled. Our basic desires peddled to. Sex isn’t something to be discovered: it’s something to be lived up to. Videos and stories of others’ experiences are the template. No befuddlement or fumbling has been left for us to uncover. An expectation of enjoyment laced with framing and lighting is our viewpoint. Humor has been packaged for us, too: the ribbon tied tight. Smiles grow before anecdotes are finished. Nods received before developments are made. All’s well that ends well, except we don’t hear the ending: we predict it and shovel off what wasn’t expected. Artificial moments have shaped us, for better or worse.

Has an artful eye ever predicated your actions? Has a loving press against a wall with another, to be followed with a deep kiss and a huffing embrace, seemed scripted? Have you viewed too much? Been told too much?

Well, too fucking bad. You are what you are. Deal with it. And Onmyōdō Cassette has some more art for to live up to, nerds. So you better deal with that, too.

<3 <3 <3

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