♫♪  Various Artists: Scenic Rhythms - Scenic Nights Vol 1

Attention beatheads: the Chicago based label Scenic Rhythms just set unto the world a grained smattering of in-the-pocket nodders entitled, Scenic Nights Vol 1. And what that idiotic statement means is that they just released a beat comp for your general enjoyment. Sorry for the confusion.

All thirty tracks are streaming for free as of now, but if you aren’t terrible at life, you’ll stop fiddling with your Erector set and send those fine folks some hard earned internet cash for one of the upcoming spooled versions of the compilation (and I’m assuming each tape will have all of the mentioned tracks, ‘cause if they don’t, that would be false advertising, and I’ll report those MF-ers to the Better Business Bureau so fast that it’ll make their (tape)heads spin).

Preview the previews for Scenic Nights Vol 1 below, and enjoy the loosened neck muscles that’ll follow in Scenic Rhythms:

• Scenic Rhythms: https://scenicrhythms.bandcamp.com

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