♫♪  Various Artists: Students of Decay - 2015 Sampler

“Time to get my mid-afternoon drone on.”

That is what I wrote to my fiancee today as I hit play on this mix. And ohhhhh, does it drone, baby! Alex Cobb’s Students of Decay has thrown down some killer records this past year, with Anne Guthrie, Kyle Bobby Dunn, and Mark Banning leading the pack with their respective LPs. With 2015 two months away, Alex is already teasing us with tunes from upcoming releases. The full tracklist is below, but we’ve got a lot to look forward to from this label, including Aquarelle (!), Billy Gomberg (!), and Alex Cobb himself (!). I know I’ll be pouring a brew into my Students of Decay beer glass and getting pumped for another year of killer SoD tunes.

M. Sage “Cimmaron Sequoia Succulent”
Aquarelle “Intervals”
En “City of Brides”
Lejsovka & Freund “Fog in the Ravine”
Alex Cobb “Disporting with a Shadow”
Billy Gomberg “Spectator”
Sarah Davachi “wood green”

• Students of Decay: http://studentsofdecay.com

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