♫♪  Various Artists - Your Victorian Breasts

Set to be released in physical form on February 5, Your Victorian Breasts is the newest stellar compilation from Swiss/French label Three:Four Records, and you can now stream the whole thing on their SoundCloud. Featuring four sides and 20 tracks, this collection of previously unreleased and newly recorded music is overflowing with a variety of contemporary experimental music. Each tune is incredible, and each has a great back-story to it, but here are some of my faves:

An instrumental cover of Daniel Johnston’s destitute tune “Despair Came Knocking” played even sadder by Circuit des Yeux; a warm and wide-open demo called “Dust Bowl” from duo Date Palms; Josephine Foster teams up with husband Victor Herrero and a few others to form Mendrugo and record a leisurely and loving track “Estrella Fugaz;” a newly-formed outfit Syracuse Ear, consisting of noise-makers Chris Corsano, David Maranha, Manuel Mota, and Margarida Garcia, who create a suspenseful and rich piece called “Earth of Vitreous;” a classic Macedonian ballad reconstructed by Eric Chenaux… I could go on and on. You’re just gonna have to keep listening to it, and pre-order that record right now.

• Three:Four Records: http://www.three-four.net

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