♫♪  Ventla - Surely Reliable

Ventla, a one-man recording project from actual Japan (/not future-fetish Japan), has released his fantastic 21st free album (of 100), titled Surely Reliable. Somewhat of an extension of his previous volume, Fansubbed Last Words, this 28-minute episode marks Ventla’s self-aware foray into the vaporwave movement. But unlike the sample-screw-release process of the vaporwave everyman, Ventla actually composes and records his own thought leader anthems and executive lounge dance jams, the cassette hiss you hear no DAW preset but every bit the real deal. Free to incorporate influences far beyond the wholesale muzak norm (new jack, chiptune and YMO, to name a few obvious ones on Reliable), Ventlan vaporwave arguably bests the flagging movement’s erstwhile heroes in sheer musicality and replay value — though some may posit that his tactics run counter to vaporwave’s possibly subversive and demi-academic intent. Whatever; try bumping “ATRAC 4 Swing” and act like you mind.

Download here or listen via Soundcloud.

• Ventla: http://ventla.tumblr.com

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