♫♪  Video 2000 - Midnight Ride

Paul Revere V rides his bike into the hot late-August night. Summer is almost over; middle school starts again next week. This year, he will be in eighth grade. He soaks in the last lazy rays of freedom and smiles at the future. Biking as fast as he can along the buttery suburbia sidewalks, his ass never touches the seat. His Discman blasting golden era rap classics. His hoodie fills up with the humid summer air, and suddenly he feels just like his great-great-great grandfather, wearing a big velvety cape and a braided ponytail, riding a horse through the night, and waking up the sleeping city.

Midnight Ride, the newest Fortune 500 product from artist Video 2000, is chock full of ghetto jams that are all lathered up in warm, foamy vaporwave goodness. A ridiculously perfect accompaniment to the last days of summer break. Whether you are skimming the last half of East of Eden or busy shopping for bulletin board boarders to decorate your classroom, enjoy the final days with Video 2000.

• Video 2000: https://soundcloud.com/video-2000
• Fortune 500: http://fortune500.bandcamp.com

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