♫♪  Visitors - Nature Documentary

Sometimes \NULL|ZONE// has to course correct. Indeed, many releases on the label have skewed to the willfully experimental side, the academic, the internal, the what-the-hell-kind-of-noise-can-I-coax-from-this-piece-of-equipment mindset, and while that’s a lot of fun a lot of the time, and I stand by their appearance in my “pretty nifty” column on my mental spreadsheet, there’s just something about a good old psych excursion that gets me cooking. That’s what Visitors does here on Nature Documentary — they get me all heated like I was standing buck naked on a hot plate in the middle of the desert. On fire!

Of course that’s not something that would be unusual for the Athens, Georgia, label. In fact, Mr. \NULL|ZONE// himself, Michael Potter, has released some incredible blasts of interstellar jammage under his own name and his Electric Nature project. But Visitors take a firmly terrestrial approach, one with interest in all things exotic and new, celebrated without abandon and with a wild and free spirit honoring the purely natural. That it also spells a rebellion of sorts against the human footprint upon this planet is a bonus — the Earth revolts as it is misused.

If the idea for Nature Documentary was to compile an audio edition of the titular film type, Visitors has succeeded. Visions of flora and fauna dance with artistic (if I do say so) fervor in my imagination. And if they’re reclaiming the planet while knocking us bulldozing and strip-mining humans down a peg or two, then it’s all the sweeter. Visitors’ six-piece lineup with innumerable guests (OK, maybe not innumerable, but thirteen) is the perfect vessel for a psychedelic exotica excursion through all things bohemian and hyperreal, and Nature Documentary is an uninhibited kaleidoscope of biology at work. Harness it for yourself, and do something worthwhile with your life. It is like HOT FIRE through your body.

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