♫♪  Vulfmon - Interstitials I EP

Vulfmon precedes this Interstitials I EP with the following paragraph:

“Rob Stenson (Adak Island Sound/Vulfways) invited me to N. Europe to search for Alberto​ Sixto​. ​Rob believed he held the copyright to an extensive sound effects library which happened to include Murphy’s ​’​A Fifth of Beethoven​.’

​I was cool on dough, and needed to get away from my screens.”

Sounds like the beginning of a Bolaño-esque misadventure into the digital nether-realms of Swedish subterranean data bunkers, doesn’t it? Maybe some pirates wearing business suits will appear wielding keytars (think scimi-keytars) and digging deep into some Windows 98 Funk instead of Netscape Sea Shanty’s… Vulfmon ditches the Bach Choy after track one though, and dives tentacles first into some extremely brief electronica numbers that sound influenced by the internet’s reverent king of demented and explosive computer jazz, Cream Juice.

• Vulf Records: http://vulfrecords.bandcamp.com

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