♫♪  The War on Drugs - “Snake Tongues”

Mirror Universe is soon releasing a cassette version of The War on Drugs new album, Slave Ambient. However, this filmy take will be more than just an alternative media format: the cassette version will be a half-hour longer than the one already released, with side 2 adding six all-new tracks. Whereas the meat and potatoes (and smoke) of the heretofore release of Slave Ambient can be largely described as straight-driving, American rock ‘n’ roll (plus some fuzz on the side for the sake of expanse), the new tracks promise to make good on the latter half of the album’s title. In other words, if Slave Ambient proper is a soundtrack for travel, then the new half-album of B-sides is the destination. And that destination is Space. It is this writer’s opinion that the band should amend their name thusly: The War, On Drugs. Take a hit of “Snake Tongues” to see why.

• The War on Drugs: http://www.thewarondrugs.net
• Mirror Universe: http://mirroruniversetapes.blogspot.com

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