♫♪  Warm Climate - “Red Hand Blues”

New batch of Sun Ark tapes freshing some sweet licks from Warm Climate in SUMMER SPEECH THERAPY. Led by nice-guy jammer Seth Kasselman (ex-TMTer) and backed by both steady drum beats from Caitlin Mitchell and walked-out bass lines by M. Geddes Gengras, Warm Climate get their downright groove on here with their B-side banger “Red Hand Blues.” The rhythm is steady and right there, drummed out of a space primarily explored by light-to-heavy guitar meanders, wrapping around bass lines following the lead, swaying hips everywhere. And just the sweetest vocals whipped up top for maximum cream-stache sneers.

“You warming up or dancing?”
“Take me by the waist and find out.”
“Oo, that’s that feel, muscles.”
“The name is Pat, Jackie.”
“How’d you know my name?”
“It’s on your name-tag. Caught red-handed.”
“Red Hand Blues, Pat. Let’s dance!”

SUMMER SPEECH THERAPY by Warm Climate is out now on cassette via Sun Ark Records!

• Warm Climate: http://ursounds.blogspot.com
• Sun Ark: http://www.sunaraw.com

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