♫♪  Warren Defever & Bubba Ayoub - Three Sacred Hymns

Parallel to his career as the main brain behind genre defying odd-pop geniuses His Name Is Alive, Warren (Warn) Defever has also nurtured a prolific, rich, more shadowy career as the author of wildly exploratory records under a variety of names and styles. From founding the legendary outer-Detroit label Time Stereo (home to some of the more off-track HNIA releases as well as classic — for some — records by Godzuki, Princess Dragonmom, and a purring cat), to solo country albums committed to wire recorder, Defever’s discography remains restless and always surprising.

Speaking of surprises: Warren has dropped a new collaboration with Moog wizard Bubba Ayoub on the His Name Is Alive Bandcamp page. Named Three Sacred Hymns, it contains three tracks of beautiful, harmonium-heavy ambience, punctuated by busy keyboard riffs, wind chimes, et al (and conceptually not too far from the Buddhist temple “nature jams” on 2003’s Mountain Ocean Sun). Released for the duo’s set at last week’s Cultivation Fest (presented by Sounds Of The Dawn), this self-released digital album seems to be engineered to induce deep contemplative and meditative states; far out without getting too too freaky, this will be the perfect thing to put on for a deep dive into your sun salute tomorrow morning.

Stream Three Sacred Hymns via Bandcamp:

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