♫♪  Wild Adoration - EP1

I’m a fair-weather fan of the “soft” female voice most often heard in vocals sung by women. Most times I feel like there is an extreme imbalance between abrasive female voice in music, compared to a gentler tone that is typically utilized. However, New Atlantis keeps their aesthetic of nu-age wonder with a new Wild Adoration on EP1, as both angles overwhelm. The singing itself is naturally on the smoother side, almost delicately placed within the chamber of EP1. It’s when a wash of electronics and additions take over the singing of Wild Adoration that harsher sonic vibe braids the two feelings. Almost overdrive ASMR. A hyper accentuated whisper that is a yin-yang of meditative pensiveness. Endure EP1 below and stag it on New Atlantis ASAP.

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