♫♪  Wild Kid - PR0M0 M1X ˚₊✩‧₊(⌯͒o̶̶̷̤ ꀾ o̴̶̷̤⌯͒)* ✩‧₊˚

Fresh off releasing the New Bethlehem EP, Providence, RI producer Wild Kid delivers a PR0M0 M1X ˚₊✩‧₊(⌯͒o̶̶̷̤ ꀾ o̴̶̷̤⌯͒)* ✩‧₊, featuring some clubby tracks, some grimy tracks, and Slugabed’s amazing remix of Wild Kid’s “Pop It”. The mix showcases the depth and breadth of Wild Kid’s taste, always staying in one world but still surprising the listener constantly. We’re always excited when producers making emotional, dreamy electronic music also know how to bring that emotionality to the club. Plus all those symbols in the title!

1. Galtier - Main10
2. Biome - Floorwork
3. Cassie - All My Love (Kingdom Edit)
4. Champion - Bowsers Castle
5. Joseph Marinetti - LIPSYNC
6. Baauer - Boog
7. Imami - Iridescent
8. Perverse - Method IV
9. HxdB, Distal - Booyant
10. Wild Kid - Bloodlet (Nite Mix)
11. Roska - Asbestos
12. HxdB - Skool Dayz (Distal ‘Amnesia’ Mix)
13. Gossamer - Ab-Mass (Time Wharp Dub)
14. Objekt - The Goose that Got Away
15. The Phantom - Gothic
16. Murlo - Vertigo
17. T_A_M - Tail Snap (Murlo Remix)
18. Wild Kid - Pop it (Slugabed Remix)
19. Krampfhaft - Grind
20. Wild Kid - New Bethlehem (Celestial Trax Remix)

• Wild Kid: https://soundcloud.com/wild_kid

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