Half the time, I feel like Millennial naysayers are just jeally our swag is way more stewed than their generation, or it’s just a Millennial being meta, which maybe means their shit is transgressional, but falling directly in line with their generation. Swag. Yet, the production value of genuinely-generational music holds more of a puzzled mentality. Not one that is confused, the opposite: one that bares enough solution to be solved, but mostly enjoyed within general [demographic] antithesis. Attention-getting techniques, broken pop culture references, and oozing satire comes at no surprise to Pedicure Records listeners, thus WITCH HAZEL’s newest GODZILLA EP fits right into that pulse.

WITCH HAZEL is the trio of Imp Queen, DEV_N_, and Unicorn Florida (Ariel Zetina) —liked below— who all have a hand in GODZILLA EP some way or another. I’m such a sucker for mystery in music and will bow down forever to Pedicure Records. And my sig-nif is such a big Godzilla fan already, I’m sure GODZILLA EP will be knockin’round our apartment for a minute. Why? GODZILLA EP is a fucking monster of music! It’s voguing within itself. It progresses exactly what’s being perpetuated in the run-way production/club scene. It’s burning for your ears below:

• WITCH HAZEL: https://soundcloud.com/officialwitchhazel
• Imp Queen: https://soundcloud.com/impqueen
• DEV_N_: https://soundcloud.com/dev_n_official
• Unicorn Florida: https://soundcloud.com/unicornflorida
• Pedicure Records: https://soundcloud.com/pedicure-records

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