♫♪  x​.​y​.​r. - QTT7

Oh baby, when a new X.Y.R. tape drops, at the tail end of one short week, and when I’m on the verge of a holiday shortened week, I’m like, CHA-CHING!!! This is some humid, sub-tropical zoning material, ladies and gents. This new material, coming out on New York’s intriguing Quiet Time Tapes, is straight up banging ambient music from our Russian pal, who’s worked has previously dropped via Not Not Fun, Constellation Tatsu, Illuminated Paths, and Singapore Sling Tapes, to name a few. Quiet Time goes above and beyond on some stellar packaging, which includes a tape for yourself and a fellow head. Get on this quick, as I imagine these tapes will fly out of the QTT offices.

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