♫♪  xoltev - orange market

If human consciousness is a prison, then we’re all Tamagotchi pets trapped behind LCD screens. xoltev’s music seeks to illustrate the bruised blots of pixellated distortion left on that plane by otherworldly fingers: Pokémon lurking in the CVS parking lot, Snapchat filters that turn your head into a slice of anthropomorphic toast, or your heart rate displayed on your watch. Orange Market soaks up those augmented reality spills like Bounty®, luminescent bursts of shoegaze ambience splattered across absorbent footwork beats like a Pollock canvas. This is what Elon Musk listens to while test-driving a self-driven Tesla — it’s hyperactive and propulsive, yet strangely soothing.

Inside a car, we aren’t aware of how vulnerable we are, hurtling down the interstate at 75 miles-per-hour. We’re cozily seated inside our automotive exoskeleton, the evening chill whistling through a cracked window like voltev’s insectoid synths. Whether it’s a Liquid Crystal Display, a windshield, or pair of retinas, everything is viewed through at least one screen. Why not let Orange Market splash some hyperreal graffiti on yours?

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