♫♪  Yamachan - Stone House

London’s Yamachan doesn’t SOUND like they’re from London, and that’s maybe the point. Decamping to a house in the French countryside will do that to you – strip the city grime from your soul in favor of that refreshing rural atmosphere. (Don’t get me wrong, I love London.) It certainly did Yamachan some good, as they not only were they inspired out of their minds, they were so inspired that they dedicated an entire cassette’s worth of material to the place they stayed and recorded in. How’s THAT for proof of concept!

Stone House (Canigou Records) is the result, a release not sure if it’s meant to be an acoustic representation of the space it was recorded in or an abstract construction of the feelings generated by that space. At times drifting through speakers like ambient folk and at others marching around the place in electroacoustic trip-hoppy-ness, Stone House runs through a variety of moods, each one tied to a specific location and moment, yet all overlapping in a stylistic whole. “What we tried to depict in the music is a house with no solid walls, where inside and outside blur into each other and the difference between intimacy and expanse is indeterminable.”

Consider that a job well done!

Melodic and spectral, whimsical and tactile, Stone House fully encapsulates structure, space, time, and emotion. Yamachan clearly had a fantastic time piecing this thing together, and the results bear this out.

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