♫♪  Yeah You - Vhod

Going to a show like ones Yeah You would bill are the only kind I’m into. And now I know why: it’s awkward to be there, to experience this art, and nobody talks because they want to leave. Or you drink some really weird liquids. Or you just put your trust in Alter because they’re on a glory path, incredulously. Arriving early and waiting around for hours and hours until a 20-minute (maybe) set happens, and your life is changed forever.

YEAH YOU are MYKL JAXN and ELVIN BRANDHI. A father-daughter fluke who started making music as often as possible in 2013, under a variety of inordinate conditions; much of which has been made on drives in the family car. VHOD (the Slovene word for Entrance) sees Yeah You continuing to inscribe within the interstices. A new access point. Turning roadsides, refuse hubs, traffic islands and pylons into backdrops for this particular series of detergent routs.

So that’s like chilly, you feel? Nobody else alive here, but you. Turn up. Dads are getting cooler. Been the laugh, but cough in the “h” when a word requires no “h.” Vhod is waiting for you. Yeah You! Worship on ltd cassette and un-ltd digital. Stream infinite:

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