♫♪  Ynfynyt Scroll - Ynfynyt Scroll Spring Mixtape ‘15

It’s spring in the majority of cities I’ve lived in. It’ll rain every day in Florida until October, Chicago will only see snow two more times in mid May, and Seattle is set to have kids wearing shorts all week. It’s Spring again and spring time means track season. So go ahead, stretch, show off the winter legs, keep hydrated, beat that personal best, listen to Ynfynyt Scroll, woaaaaah chill.

Track Meet Spring Break 2015 is on thanks to Ynfynyt Scroll’s , transporting us to “a steamy Ibiza dancefloor with every listen” of the forty-plus minutes of heart digging dimensions. Released on the label he co-owns with AiR DJ, Ynfynyt Scroll Spring Mixtape ‘15 is the sequel to the 1017 Records-heavy and numerical predecessor Ynfynyt Scroll Spring Mixtape ‘14. Spring Break ‘15 rolls with a lot of reggaeton beat and rhythm, slapping edits of Jack Ü, The Weeknd, that super catchy Charli XCX song, into dancehall anthems into spring break essentials. C.Z. and Paul Marmota roll with in the roofless jeep. Can someone let me know if the end credits for the Fast and Furious movie features “Titiriti Ayo.” The whole mixtape has a family and friends, corona and sun #feelings to it.

• Ynfynyt Scroll: https://soundcloud.com/ynfynytscroll
• Track Meet: https://trackmeet.bandcamp.com

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