♫♪  Young Chop - “All I Got”

Yeeeeah Young Chop Pretty MF dropped the only track you’ll find him rapping on this year. In the studio with his own Chop Squad DJs, we get a soft toned boast from the drill scene pioneer. “All I Got” leaks early off official producer of rising emcee Lil Herb and now incarcerated Chicago rapper RondoNumbaNine: DJ Bandz and his #WeMeanBiz compadre DJ Victoriuz upcoming Chilanta mixtape.

All I Got, All I Got. That’s Money and Music That’s All I Got, Chop breathes throughout a muddling mix of 808 fan fair and concert hall strings. Chop’s in a long line of producer-gone-rapper and his quiet demeanor and infrequent trips to the booth are worrisome for those thirsting for more, but the dude is still on top of the production game. So there’s that.

Chilanta drop date is TBA.

• Young Chop: https://soundcloud.com/youngchopbeatz

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