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Astronaut Status 1.0 [album preview]

Last year, Chicago footwork producer Young Smoke released three albums: Gutta House Muzik 1.0, The Flight Zone 1 & 2, and The Space Zone. I heard none of them (if you find a copy, get a hold of me!). But I’m happy to hear that Young Smoke has a shit-ton of releases due this year, including — bear with me — Disco Flight, Pluto Lounge, Smoketronix, Astronaut Status Planet Invader 2.0, Gutta House Muzik 2.0, Flight Society (with fellow Flight Muzik cohorts, DJ Diamond and DJ Metro), and, most excitingly, a Planet Mu full-length called The Space Cadet, due sometime in September. (You can hear three of his tracks off Planet Mu’s stellar Bangs & Works Vol. 2 comp.)

Whether the releases mentioned above are LPs, EPs, singles, or USB sticks shoved in gummy vaginas is not 100% clear, but we do know that, in addition to the Planet Mu release, Young Smoke is set to drop an album this summer called Astronaut Status 1.0. The preview below is presumably a mix of some of its tracks, much like the Space Zone and Gutta House previews from last year. It sounds like his planetary aesthetic hasn’t changed much — we still have airy synths, militaristic shuffles, stuttering snares, and spaced-out melodies — but that’s a good thing: no footwork sounds like this, and I love it.

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