Young Smoke
“The Space Zone (Special Edition)”

We’ve posted about the Ghetto Teknitianz DJ clique lately, so we thought we’d throw up a track from a young (under 20) footwork/flightcore/gutta house muzik DJ named Young Smoke, who runs with the Flight Muzik crew. Flight Muzik began in 2010 by none other than DJ Diamond, who released TMT favorite Flight Muzik (TMT Review) earlier this year on Planet Mu. But while DJ Diamond’s economic footwork is rooted in a G-funk/soul past, Young Smoke’s music is on a whole other planet. He’s, like, the Sun Ra of footwork/juke or some shit. Check out his epic 15+-minute (!) track “The Space Zone (Special Edition),” clearly the soundtrack to some truly interstellar dance circles. WELCOME TO THE SPACE ZONE!!

Young Smoke also released an album back in April called Gutta House Muzik V.1. Can’t find it anywhere, but you can listen to some of it here. It’s as equally mind-blowing as “The Space Zone.”

• Flight Muzik:

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