♫♪  YPY - The Rusted U.F.O

Founder of Osaka-based label birdFriend, YPY (a.k.a. Koshiro Hino) has come down from the clouds with washboard abs and a legal pad covered in cryptic symbols and analog synth schematics. His fall was broken by the soft grass of Tetsuji Masuda’s backyard, who recognized the drawings. While nursing Koshiro Hino back to health, Tetsuji Masuda spent his time constructing these foreign relics, eventually opening up an online shop under the name JMT SYNTH and shipping the art worldwide.

At the turn of the new year, Koshiro Hino suddenly woke up, running over to the pile of unshipped nobs and switches. Before Tetsuji Masuda could grasp what was happening, there were six recordings detailing this unknown land’s U.F.O caste system. “The Million Dollar U.F.O” ruled its U.F.O. kingdom. “The Bended U.F.O” were the intellectuals, studying U.F.O scripture and advising the Million Dollar U.F.Os. “The Mindedness U.F.O” were the spiritually enlightened U.F.O, blessing and cursing whoever their superiors demanded them to. “The Second Hand U.F.O” were the working class of the U.F.Os as they have two hands. “The Nerdy U.F.O” were bullied at lunch by the Million Dollar U.F.Os are could never get dates to the U.F.O formals. Lastly, “The Damo U.F.O,” though sparse in numbers, were banished long ago to Earth where they confuse farmers and are stylistically blurry.

Legend is Koshiro Hino has a hard time remembering these events and thus called these messages The Rusted U.F.O.

Tapes are available, too.

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