♫♪  Yung AOL - Swim Team Kush

Before there was AOL, there was Home Music Store, arguably the first on-demand music service. Developed by the man who would go on to found America Online, Bill Von Meister, Home Music Store was to “make home taping for a fee available to those with cable tv.” This was back in 1982, and the record labels weren’t having it, nor were the record stores for that matter.

Fast-forward 32 years and consumer demand for Yung AOL tapes is so great that all cassette copies of his Swim Team Kush have sold out less than one week after the album’s August 29 release. Of course, this was Brooklyn label Astro Nautico’s first official cassette release, ANC001, and everybody loves firsts … and Brooklyn … and VHS porn. Be that as it may, if you want to get your crusty offline hands on the Swim Team Kush cassette, your best chance now is to barter with TMT resident CJ C Monster at the Cassette Store Day Tape Meet on September 27. [Editor’s Note: I will be bringing and using this cassette during my “set.”] Of course, you could also listen to it on demand via bandcamp and tape it your damn self, but that’s a different story.

• Yung AOL: https://soundcloud.com/YungAOL
• SWIM TEAM: http://swimteam69.net
• Astro Nautico: http://astronauti.co

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