♫♪  yungpharaoh - “Dating”

Finally, a track about dating for our Tinder/OKCupid/Grindr world! Chicago based producer yungpharaoh’s calm, cool, and collected “Dating” deconstructs the overly formalized concept of post-millenial dating while still honoring the objective beauty of dating websites (those specific colors, those bubble letter taglines). And even though “Dating” does have a chill energy to it, there is an underlying anxiety that grows throughout the journey, suggesting a bubbling up of an emotion. It feels like sitting at a dinner table across from a stranger as you get too drunk, constantly switching your gaze from their eyes to your phone screen and hoping that the night doesn’t end with the stranger revealing that they are actually in fact a serial killer. I’m curious and excited about how a track like this, with its grime and R&B influences, fits into yungpharaoh’s otherwise hard, breakneck sets. It seems like a track that could energize a dancefloor in an unexpected, spooky way.

• yungpharaoh: https://soundcloud.com/yung_pharaoh

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