♫♪  Yusaku Arai & Kentaro Minoura - ラグ

Artist Kentaro Minoura (whose Tumblr I am right now bookmarking for daily use) teamed with Tokyo-based musician Yusaku Arai for a 10 minute EP titled ラグ. A literal translation of “thick warm fabric” in terms of floor covering, something laying right between Arai’s temperate new age minimalism and Minoura’s sentient techno.

“A1” &ndash the futuristic personalized advertisement for anyone into consuming and the implied piece of mind attached to what the room. The colors involved are warm, taken straight from a night horizon. The room is white so the sole outliner of the set are shadows made by the western facing window’s natural light. The only color is the rug. It’s color varies from each persons read desires, but is usually vibrant nonetheless. Retail cost isn’t important – it’s the life you could have with it.

“B1” – comes from a place, when uninhabited, gathers crowds by the sheer welcoming of the noise like a state fair (lights, screams, carnival music) or bowling alleys (polyurethane hitting wood grain hitting plastic, chatter, cheers). Instead it comes from the otherside of the fun. It churns the cheery lively sounds into a placid, sunken melody almost naming the wall blocking it from the crowds, wrapped up in thick warm fabric.

The ラグ EP is available on Kentaro Minoura’s Bandcamp for ¥200 ($1.62) and comes with a digital poster of the EP’s digital jacket.

• Kentaro Minoura: http://minourakentaro.com
• Yusaku Arai: https://soundcloud.com/wlowlodub

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