♫♪  Zach Phillips - Personalizer

Like a popcorn shell lodged in your gums, Zach Phillips’ output sticks with you. After stacks of releases from his group Blanche Blanche Blanche on the likes of Night People, La Station Radar, Feeding Tube Records, NNA, Wharf Cat Records, and Phillip’s own OSR Tapes, as well as solo outputs on a handful of labels, here is the man’s third cassette on the Chicago based imprint, Lillerne Tapes.

Consisting of thirteen concise, pop-centric tracks, Personalizer centers around a disparate drowning of ego. Hooky instrumentation coalesce with computer generated speech via male and female British accents and Phillip’s own voice, culminating into a bizarre, jaunty ride into the other side of consciousness. It’s an all around trip, for sure.

Released a few days ago, Personalizer is available for purchase directly from Lillerne. As the press release says, “Buy this tape and play it ’til it falls apart.”

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