♫♪  Zarabatana - Fogo na Carne

It’s easy to get caught up in the stunning artwork and presentation of Portuguese based label A Giant Fern. They have such a grip on what visually works, that the actual content of their tapes can be looked over if you’re not careful. Please, don’t do this. Imagine staring at a watermelon, without the slightest clue as to what it is or what it contains, following the strange patterns and mixed hues with your fingertips, all while the glint of the sun bounces off of the heavy, oval object into your eyes. Then, imagine taking a risk, slicing into the bulbous fruit, finding the reward within.

A Giant Fern’s latest release, a six part free-jazz tape entitled Fogo na Carne by the bewitching trio Zarabatana, is that watermelon. Trumpet blows and squawks, bass plucks and pulls, and percussive patterns seem to go against one another, yet they build together, playing off each other perfectly. It’s easy to get a group of musicians together to make noise and press the record button. It is not so easy find a group of musicians who can do this with control and restraint, not to mention talent. Stream the whole thing below, or pick up a copy here.

• A Giant Fern: https://agiantfern.bandcamp.com

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